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Get BlueSteak Math and Watch your school enter a world of excitement and motivation in mastering fact fluency, now including fractions.

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Annual Subscription Includes

Game Features

All access to gaming modules including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and now fractions

Adaptive engine sets a differentiated learning path for each student

Cooperative and competitive real time multiplayer gaming modes

24/7 Access for all users

Data Reporting Features

Auto-email key data reports for parents, teachers, school and district administrators

Track key analytics across a district for a school, grade level, class, or by a customized sector tag (RTI, MTSS, Gifted, Sp Ed, etc.)

Key reporting data for grants to include pre-post test data, growth statistics and usage metrics

24/7 Access for all users

Spanish Features

Text and voice over in Spanish for Students

Parent reports and student certificates in Spanish

Printed Strategy logs available in Spanish

24/7 Access for all users

Strategy Log workbooks

  • Workbooks provide a resource for differentiated instruction based upon the data from the digital solution
  • Provides key strategies, step-by-step problem solving, and vocabulary
  • Student Journal Page provides for goal setting and reflection
  • Student centered, full color Strategy Logs with student friendly terms to identify math strategies
Addition & Subtraction
Multiplication & Division

*Available in both English and Spanish

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