Why We're Different

See It, Hear It, Say It, Type It, Solve It

BlueStreak Math uses a hybrid learning - formula that is truly like no other. Backed by research and data, BlueStreak Math see’s beyond fact fluency and focuses on the deeper understanding of math strategies.

Motivating space-centric game modes
Detailed student progress monitoring in real time
Hybrid teaching strategies leveraging digital and traditional practice
A personalized approach for each student

The sum of our features is the solution

24/7 Access. Anywhere, Anytime

Web based, online platform. Fully responsive for tablet learning

Multiple Gaming Environments

No separation between learning and play. Full integration

Immediate Feedback for Students

Learn math strategies and facts. Track mastery after every game round

One-To-One Math Fact Fluency

Differentiated for each student. Equal attention for all

Pre And Post Test Certification

Track progress from where they started. Guarantee mastery

Hierarchical Framework Of Skills

A step-by-step system to create a base of knowledge to build upon

Differentiated Thinking Strategies

Applying conceptual understanding and mathematical knowledge

Learning Cards For Every Fact

Introduction of new facts using a rigorous, research based multi-sensory approach

Visual Feedback on Performance

Charts and graphs to track data on each student, class, school and district

Track progress & mastery data that matters to your school

  • Real time data analytics across schools, classes and students to provide consistency, precision, and agility in the decision-making process
  • Valuable pre/post, usage and growth data to impart predictive analytics as it relates to student performance
  • Sector tags for accelerated learning, special ed, bilingual students and classes to disaggregate relevant data
  • Exportable reports specialized for each student to send home to parents and track performance

Level up with cutting - edge game modes

Capture the flag
  • Multiplayer
  • Cooperative & Strategy based
Watch Gameplay
Jet pack party
  • Multiplayer
  • Compete with students world-wide
Watch Gameplay
Bot bash
  • Single & Multiplayer
  • Rounds of multi-player
Watch Gameplay
Earth Defender
  • Single player
Watch Gameplay
Space Racer
  • Single player
Watch Gameplay
Moon Walker
  • Single player
Watch Gameplay

BlueStreak Math has a vision of engaging and supporting all students in their quest to master mathematical foundational skills with fluency.

Go above and beyond with strategy logs for deeper level understanding

  • Workbooks provide a resource for differentiated instruction based upon the data from the digital solution
  • Provides key strategies, step-by-step problem solving and math vocabulary
  • Student journal page provides for goal setting and reflection
  • Student centered, full color strategy logs with student friendly terms to identify strategies

Addition & Subtraction Available in English or Spanish

Multiplication & Division Available in English or Spanish

Fractions Available in English

Work with us

Each district is unique, get in touch to learn more and customize a plan that meets your districts needs.

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